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29th-May-2011 08:20 pm(no subject)


4th-Oct-2010 10:37 pm - ICELAND AGAIN I'M SORRY ILOVEHIM
What: Romano& Iceland crossover of Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt Faroe Islands and new OC ALAND~
Rated: Er PG I think
Warnings: Legs!
Pictures: 4

ahh my cut!Collapse )
What: Cuba&Iceland posing as Lady Gaga and Iceland.
Rated: PG-16...
Warnings: ..... Hairy legs and Iceland doing on drugs again :c
Pictures: 1

There is no good servce in a bad economy~Collapse )
28th-Jul-2010 12:02 am - Icesave

Sooo I was bored today and I had some free time (finally)! I was lurking around youtube and watched historic videos to absorb more history smarticeness (sshhuut upp :cc). Watched stuff about Romanian history and Faroese whaling~ Then...

I found a youtube about ICESAVE!

Alright so I watched about four long videos about it and now I feel so... ARGH.

I'm not Icelandic or and Icelander, living in Iceland, but my gosh do I feel for them! Okay so I am obsessed with the Japanese portrayed anime version of the country. Yeaah but then I really got into its history.

BUT ICESAVE. Goood God Iceland is in debt of bilions of euros. With a widdle population of 300 thousand, each person is required to pay like ten thousaand dollars with  it doubling each year due to interest. Wahhhh why is Iceland being bulliieed by Netherlands and England so muuch. *FLAILS* They're not in freaking debt and it is the Icelanders that have to pay for their mess! It was the Brits and the Dutch who were supervising these private banks! Worst of all, the heads were Icelanders themselves. Spectacularly rich. Corrupt bankers. Now living in the misery of a whole nation elsewhere.

Now it might be silly for me to be complaining like this. I probably have no ideaa what the Icelanders have to go through everyday with money problems. Naive, perhaps, that many countries are struggling with hardcore poverty.

But I love to vent about my thoughts~

But it's just like, so surreal. A moral listen, I suppose. A prime example of how far corruption on politics can go. Iceland used to be such an innocent country, born from the blood of ruthless Vikings. They strived for Independence and finally achieved it during World War 2. Icelanders were fierce, very independent and believe they can achieve things on their own. Probably why they became so marvellously rich a few years ago. But poor Icelanders. They did not realize that all of the loans and their money was all just a funny monopoly to bankers.

They delt their cards, went on as long as they could to fish out money, but when they lost, they took all they could get and fled. Because of these people, England and Netherlands are blaming everything on the Icelandic nation. Requiring them to pay back about triple the amount of what Germany had to pay for reparation after WW1. Also, Icelanders are terrorists to England. terroristsss

So yeah. Corruption. Not good. Makes me wonder about America sometimes. I mean it just becomes war with money. How sad.

fff okay whoever read all of this. kudos. my useless rambling written during midnight and i dunno what i am saying but i am typing anyway harharha

I already knew about Icesave but never in detail. My Iceland will be a lot more moody now thanks to new info. Oh youtube, my friend.





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