dinoturtle (dinoturtle) wrote,

Art and sketches!

I hate how everything is super compressed because of my layout. Anyone know how to make it so it goes to the default page when commenting/viewing?


Sweetims Faroes as Bo Peep!! :D 

I had this long ass description of her but I lost it because I rebooted my laptop. orz I'll type up another one and put it on DA. 

S-Seawoman. Yeah don't laugh. And the Sheep is pretty ugly too. >T

Greeny sketches... Should have more of him

A request from blackcatsrule from deviantart~

Collab with the stinky wonderful hiitsu :'D She drew Liech and I drew Ice, the background, and then colored it o u o

Here ya go unbornhope ! Colored moe!

Better versions are alwaaays on deviantart. > pow
Tags: c: faroe islands, c: greenland, c: iceland, c: liechtenstein, fanart, hetalia
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